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Susan Cooper Parker

Can you get to know someone by reading a snippet on a web page? I could say get to know me by viewing my images, but that's too "Zen and the Art of Photography." So here's a little something in writing instead.


I started my career behind the lens -- about a meter behind the camera and the photographer. An Art Director, you see, is supposed to look over a photographer's shoulder in order to get a certain vision. (This could explain the origins of the phrase, "pain in the neck.") Then our family started moving and we got outta town; actually it was out of the country.


Without a work visa to my name, I tried a couple of things to stay creative but picking up the camera again created the spark that has moved me. After studying at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne, I have been combining my interests in nature, furry friends and art with a creative eye.


My current fine art work is mostly encaustic photography. Painting with wax over my images allows me to add a three-dimensional quality to my work, as well as making them archival. My pet environmental portraits give me great joy. I love getting to know each and every one and conveying their true spirit during a photo session.


So whether you want wax on or wax off, shuffle through my folio sections and see what catches your eye!

© 2016 Susan Cooper Parker